First trip to Laos, what shall we take with us?

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  1. Hi everybody,
    After doing som road/offroad trips in northern Thailand, time is due for a first trip to Laos.
    Plan is, to rent some bikes and follow some roads on the GT-rider map.

    As I have never been to Laos before, I have some practical travelling questions:

    - Is it recommendable to have an own mosquito net for the trip?
    - Shall we take some mattress with us, for the case we get stranded in some smaller villages. Is it possible to ask for accomodation in remote places??

    Thank you
  2. Hi Phil,

    that´s the answer I feared.
    I think, as a first trip we´d better stay in regular guesthouses. Accomodation with hilltribes is possibly too difficult for us (communication).

    But maybe I decide to take a just a mosquito net with me. I hate those little bastards. Better be prepared.

    @hoghead: Aren´t there girls in Laos? And what purpose does your suggestion have: shall we take girls with us "for" our matrasses, or "as"....?

  3. Johannes
    Laos is easy for accommodation on the main roads. And I reckon that that there are more guesthouses in out the way places than you see in Thailand.
    You would only get "stuck" in you were off-road in remote locations & deliberately looking to explore well off the beaten track.

    One of the GT Rider Laos of-road stars Moto-Rex certainly does not carry a mosquito net or mattress. No need.

    As a rough guide you can find rooms & guesthouses every 80-90 kms easy in Laos, but it's probably closer to every 60kms.

    Read some of the trip reports for Laos & you won't see many guys carrying mossie nets or mattresses.
  4. I'd also say no to the mattress but there are so many little guesthouses with terrible sleeping pads that an air mattress on the floor would sometimes be better. I ride quite a bit and from time to time take a hammock if I'm going deep remote riding. Mozzie nets no but some repellent wipes, yes. Pack light, ride better.

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