Firstgear Mesh Tex Jacket And Pants

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  1. FirstGear Mesh Tex rider's jacket and pants

    Jacket size L,
    Pant size 34. (will fit 32-36 comfortably)

    All the pad inserts are present.
    Everything's in good shape.
    Standard zip-together on the pants and jacket to keep them in place both while riding and sliding :).
    Zips on the pant legs makes for easy on-off over boots.
    Zip-out liner included with the jacket.
    Really comfortable riding in tropical heat, and can be nice and toasty with a light waterproof rain/wind shell over top of everything.

    3,500 baht no-dicker price.
    Located in Chiang Mai.
    phone 087 838 2526 or reply here.

  2. SOLD
    to a handsome young hooligan in Hua Hin.

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