Flood Warnings MHS/PAI/NAN


Mar 15, 2003
The rainy season is definitely here. Be cautious of where you are riding...........

Flashfloods,downpours, landslides a nationwide threat
By The Nation

Run-off water from hillside forests sent flash floodwaters pouring down on more than 70 houses in Mae Hong Son's Pai district yesterday morning.

There were no reports of casualties as the affected families received quick emergency response. Pai district chief Niwes Poonsawat led volunteers, police, and soldiers in clearing broken tree branches and other debris from houses and formed sandbag embankments along creek banks to hold back the water.

Local authorities are now closely monitoring the water levels.

Apart from Mae Hong Son, the Meteorological Department warned flash floods may hit Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nan, Phayao, Lampang, Lamphun, Phrae, Uttaradit, Tak, Phetchabun, Chanthaburi and Trat. Currently, heavy downpours are drenching many parts of the country, especially in these provinces.

Mineral Resources Department director-general Porntip Pancharoen added that run-off water from the mountains could cause landslides in risky areas.

"Please closely monitor the situation," she said. "If you see water level in creeks rising quickly or water colour turning red, you should suspect landslides may be coming".

She added that locals in Rayong, Kanchanaburi, and Trat- especially in its Koh Chang district - would need to be extra careful. "The rainfall in Koh Chang is now well over 150 millilitres," she said.

In Uttaradit, people in Tambon Mae Poon in Laplae district were evacuated in the wake of a landslide risk.

"A landslide hit here four years ago," provincial disaster-prevention-and-mitigation chief Surachai Thatkawin said, "The threat is clear".

In Phrae, flooding ravaged 10 provinces in Denchai district and damaged a local road.It remains partially open, but traffic is congested.

In Chiang Mai, families rushed out of their houses at dawn after hearing a warning from an alarm system.

"The floodwater was about 30-cm-high in the morning," Siripong Nampa said in his capacity as a senior official at the Chiang Dao District Office. However, the level was subsiding as of press time.

In Nan, heavy downpours caused flooding in three tambons of Mueang Nan district.

"We have already instructed people and local authorities to be on alert,' Nan Governor Weerawit Wiwattanawanich said.


Staff member
Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Just back from Mae Sai & Chiang Rai; & there are certainly some heavy showers around.
Going up on to Mae Sai on Tuesday, there was water flowing across R118 between Wiang Pa Pao & Mae Suai (after the hills north of WPP) in one village with several road side houses flooded.
In Mae Sai Tuesday night, apparently there was some flooding down by the river, but Wednesday morning it was all clear.
Talking with my mate Chad at Chad ghouse in Mae Sai he says it usually clears in about 5 hours.
Coming back today from Chiang Rai, it was "all clear" with no flooding seen anywhere.