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    Hello Biker Friends

    The minor Flooding in Chiang Mai has been limited to the Ping River area.

    The North Comets MC over the past 12 years has made it our goal to support Children Orphanages, one of our main efforts has been Watt Don Chon that supports 650 Kid & small rural Village Schools not supported by Government funds.

    Our members are very saddened by the Loss that this flooding has brought to the people of Thailand, I can speak first hand of the devastation of the Tsunami of 2004, and this years flooding the worst in 30 years.

    This year North Comets MC efforts are to support the Flood Victims with a donation of 100,000 Baht,

    Help us send a Message that the Bikers are here to HELP.

    If You or Your club would like to ADD to this event please Reply to this Email with your donation BY October 25th and we will place your name or your Club Name on the DONORS List which will be on Thai TV on October 28th.

    Thailand Donations
    Siam Commercial Bank
    Kad Suan Keaw Branch Account # 153750392232
    Chiang Mai, Thailand

    USA Donations:
    US Bank any branch
    Account # 153750392232

    **** When you make your donation Please REPLY to this EMAIL with your Name OR your Club Name and the amount of the Donation so we may add it to the Donors List for Thai TV BY October 25th ******

    As for Chiang Mai Bike Week welcome party, the location for the event has suffered flooding damage and not sure that it can be repaired in time, So this years event has been canceled. and our efforts have been directed to supporting the flooding victims all over Thailand.

    Please join with us in supporting the many Biker club events that are scheduled during Chiang Mai Bike Week from December 2 - December 10.

    The Rainy season is almost over & it is time to RIDE.

    Ride Safe
    Best Regards

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  3. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    just made a donation to them

    CORRECTION to above, local SCB account number is:

    868 210 586 8

    cheers, Franz
  4. DavidFL

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    Thanks Franz
    A dodgy copy & paste. Oops.
    Thailand donations to

    Siam Commercial Bank
    Kad Suan Keaw Branch
    Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Savings Account 868-210586-8

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