Floods in Chaing Mai

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  1. Hello

    On the uk news and on the web news site it says the flooding is really bad in Chaing Mai. I just wondered how much it is affecting you ?Hope its not to bad and you are still geting out on the bikes etc
    Safe riding

  2. Paul
    It's been all clear in Chiang Mai for 10 days+.

    See some reports here

    Often there is a flash food 200 kms way in Cnx province & it gets reported on the news flash flood in Chiang Mai.
    Franz has just arrived in Mae HOng Son via Pai & he claims to have seen about 30 big bikes on the road.
    So that does tend to indicate it is all clear in the North now.
    Bangkok now has the problem to deal with as the water has to drain out to the sea via the Chao Praya river flowing through Bkk.
  3. There is Absolutely No Flooding in Chiang Mai at this time. The Flooding is mainly confined to Central Thailand. In the North here We have had Beautiful weather for the past week. Most Tourist Resort Areas, specially Beach resorts are operating as Normal.
  4. Thanks vey much for the update it was obviously the way its reported with the area because it was a a whole page on the Thailand papers web site.Really good news not affecting you .I arrive 6/7 November in Chaing Mai from BK and hope to pick up the bike that day and see some of you for a beer with a bit of luck, Cheers

    Safe riding


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