floods ???

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  1. Hello riders and readers.
    I'm not planning on a trip right now, just love to keep in touch with Thailand trough the web.
    Did my trips 18 & 2 years ago. And now I am a reader.
    Maybe (fingers crossed) I will come again this year to my big"40" bike trip.

    I here different stories on the "floods 2005" damage. Can anyone tell what is the situation in CHIANG MAI and PAI.
  2. Hello is there anybody out there?
    What was wrong with my question?

  3. Eran
    Parts of Pai by the river were devastated.
    Other parts of town were untouched.
    Business & life goes on as usual for those not suffering serious damage.
    But there’s very few tourists / back packers in town due to the negative publicity.
    If you want to see photos from immediately after the floods just take a look at the post titled The Floods
    Link removed

    On the 5th November Pai has an music & art festival to try & “jump start” the local tourism scene.

    Keep The Power On
  4. David , thank you for your answer .
    Hope things will get back to “normal” in Pai.
    I wont make it to 5 November festival but this morning I bought my air ticket to Thailand (1/2006) and PAI will surely be on my route .
    Once again THANK YOU.

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