Flying Triumph Video - rough cut

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    If any had any doubts as the godlike motorcycling skills of Mark Rossi, :shock:
    here's a rough cut of Happy Feet 'piloting' 230kgs of steel out at Mae Rim.

    Note this is a rough cut, but as others have asked I am previewing it here.
    Expect Director's cut and Mark's Jungle Run soon, where he takes on the IDF on ATV patrol.
    If you listen carefully you may make out The Ambassador's diplomatic language! :eek:

    PS you need to sign up for Vimeo to watch
    - oh and it's free even for KFC members :D
  2. Brilliant Stuff :D Great Film and Happy Times :wink: Amazing to See the Trusty Scrambler ridden like that!!! Keep up the Good Work 8)
  3. Great effort by all concerned, top riding and very entertaining for me.

    Ken F
  4. Well done that man, wish I could find somewhere like that to ride around Pattaya.
  5. Good stuff!
  6. Matey

    Love the music,, fits for the riding and give exiting feeling,,well done lads.well done
  7. Rhodie...

    I still don't know who is more brave, Happy Feet for doing it, or you for giving him the keys....

    Lovely to watch...

  8. Brilliant !

    Thanks for the link, this is certainly a very professional piece of work.

    Well done.

    Looking forward to more.

  9. Bang on gents!!! Some great footage there with Rossi looking the consumate professional, and the Scrambler being forced into its element. Great soundtrack Rhodie, I was looking for my baseball and glove and black bomber jacket.
  10. Daewoo

    One of us was SUPREMELY able and courageous; 8)
    whilst the other was a fool. :?
    But truly a colaborative colonial effort.

    A Kiwi who professes corporate Triumph links on ADV Rider rather sniffily felt the bike
    was being ill-used: "And you do go harder than the design parameters p'haps"

    In spite of the graunching, clunking & a thumpin' Mark put it through,
    it was a privilege to watch a master at work & on top of his game.
    The casualty list was minor all things considered: a bent axle, fused steel clutch plates, buggered electricals, and dinged rims.
    Joe is convinced the frame is bent; but Britbikes say not, as the last few weeks of warranty last! :shock:
    But some of these weren't helped by months of personal abuse....
    No biggies and worth it, just seeing a Scram truly charge at speed on tracks & trails that some on an XR would hesitate,
    whilst the jump was truly in the spirit of Bud Ekins!:D
    The shots of Mark on the Supercross track were truly awesome.

    This short was inspired by this video story of the Metisse McQueen Desert Racer replica posted by the Times recently.
    I finally couldn't wait for the last needed bits of footage and went ahead with a rough edit.
    IMO Mark's riding was more impressive, considerng the weight of the Scrambler with all its armour on.
    It must be in excess of 230kgs.

    The Scrumble in the Jungle is just being edited now, which I hope to post sometime over the weekend.
    Apart from unnecessarilly obdurate Israelis :evil:, Rossi rumbled over and wheelied along or slid through everything along the jungle track;
    and the footage looks great.
    Although, there are just a few diplomatic Kiwi epithets that may make it unsuitable viewing for those of a more sensitive nature... :lol:
    They have been unedited to retain the true "shock & awe" experience.

    B&T, or, more aptly, Hilts "The Cooler King";
    I gather Colonel Klink has your "special Surin sportin' gear" awaiting you in the cooler! :wink:
  11. Not sure if I am more amazed by Mark's riding talent, or by John's bravery. Some of the footage where the bike is blasting towards straight towards you in a power slide through a turn would have had me thinking of moving backwards... :shock:
  12. I may indeed need the Hilts' (Steve Mcqueen) baseball glove for my final visit to the Surin lass :wink: .

    Can't wait to see the final version, how far away are you on its completion?
  13. Inspiring Video - Maybe some freestyle MX back flips next time!
    I wanna get back to Thailand and play with my bike!

    If you venture out to the 'dark side' (east of Sukhumvit - Siam Country Club and beyond) you will find places, and get some air time! There are many trails .......

  14. Any update on Scrumble in the Jungle ?
  15. Did you already see this - .

    Great skill shown at handling the bucking bars in the ruts!
  16. Wow! Some outstanding vids and riding! What kind of cameras are you using? Happy Trails, Tony

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