For Pico Re Silverwing


Nov 5, 2003
Not sure if you can access your real email whilst on the road.
I can't help you get a belt as I have to go on a trip of my own and won't be back until Monday but I can call you tomorrow. Best to get any contact in Germany to get you two belts (or three) from a Honda dealer and send it DHL NOT FedEx they are rip-off merchants and seem to want to collect spurious import duty on everything. Should take about 2-3 days from Europe?? Relax by the pool?. Fitting belt is relatively easy and any decent mechanic should be able to do it as new Honda scooters in Thailand also have belts, just undo the variator nut and remove the outside pulley. The trick is to ensure the belt does not get squeezed when retightening the bolt otherwise it means the bolt will tighted on the belt and not be fully seated. "Loosen the belt and tighten it in the middle in such a manner that when the crankshaft bolt
is being closed, the timing belt is not caught between the pulleys, thereby imitating the
packet closure of the entire variator unit (Photos 9a, 9b)" Basic pictures on

I cannot be sure but by the sounds of it your belt is probably strectched (520 kgs!!) which makes it ride higher up the pulley. My information says you should get 4000rpm at 80kph, about 4620 at 96 kph and 3000 at 30kph. one step down in weights will give you 4600,5160 and 3300, but we can do better than that with Dr. Pulley. Malossi variator only makes a difference above 112kph if allowing for lighter weights in std. variator.
Oct 17, 2006
Should I worry , 2.18 am and still able to compose such a coherent mail ?????? Superman in person, at last ?? :)))))))))
Looking forward to our talk