For Sale: 2014 LS2 CR1 Carbon Helmet Size L BHT 3500

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  1. Beautiful Matte Carbon helmet for sale - pics don't really do it justice. It looks great. It has a really large carbon weave, looks much better than the older style small carbon. Subtle graphics blend into the design. If it was for looks only, I'd definitely keep it. It's also really light at 1350 Grams.


    Official info:

    Bought at Helmet2Home Chiang Mai 2 weeks ago, for 7,500 Baht:

    Sizing information: Size L is for 59-60 cm circumference. Shape is slightly oval. It seems a little on the small side to me.

    Reason for selling:
    - It's a tad too small for my head
    - It's noisy at high speeds, at least for me. Probably because of the huge ventilation channels. Bought it as a touring helmet so that doesn't make sense.

    Worn twice.

    Contact me by email nheger at

    Located in Chiang Mai
  2. Yes ile have that helmet
    send me how you would like to be paid
    I have had my wife send money through the ATM or what ever your preference
    I am in Roi et
  3. I have sent you an email
  4. Thanks got the email - sorry a bit slow today. I guess I could send it by mail if you send me your address.
  5. Ile pm you now
    Can you send me your bank details
    Don't worry if you can't be arsed but my wife is in Phon thong now
  6. SOLD

    Will send it off as soon as I get home, thank you!

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