For Sale - BMW GS1200 Adventure

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  1. GS1200

    GS1200 New Member

    BMW GS1200 Adventure - Bronze - Silver
    Very new and good condition - Only 300 kms
    Sell at Downpayment - 320,000 Baht
    (monthly installment - 20,400 Baht)

    Interested, please contact +66 84 922 6969

    ??? BMW GS1200 Adventure ?????? Bronze
    ????????? ??????????? 300 ??.
    ?????????????? 320,000
    ?????????? 6 ????? (??????? 20,400)

    ?????????? 084 922 6969 ????
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  3. Hoghead

    Hoghead Ol'Timer

    this post is useless without knowing the number of months
  4. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Hoghead you are right, but it is also useless whilst knowing the finances.
    R1200GS Adventure sells now at B 1,125,000.- cash or downpayment B 281,250.- and 48 installments a 20,742 makes B 1,276,866.-.
    I assume this one goes as follows: cash payment B 320,000.- plus 42 installments a 20,400.- (6 paid already)is in total 1,176,800.-
    Still more expensive than buying cash..........................
    No year is given, last years model should be even cheaper as BMW rises prices regularily every year.................
  5. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Hi Phil, as the installments done are 6 in total, this bike must have been last years model & purchase; prices I lsted above are this years on-line BMW prices & finances.
    A new one costs in cash B 1,125,000.-
    If you do similar leasing it costs B 1,276,866.-
    The one for sale costs B 1,176,800.- in the end
    The problem's that any buyer must first be approved by BMW to take over the lease which is not so easy, people who buy such an expensive bike also will have the funds to pay cash, then a new one would be cheaper by 51,800.- at BMW. Don't know what the interest is on the current lease but also this then could be upped to 4.5 in a new contract. Rgds, FR

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