FOR SALE: Dynojet Power Commander V for Kawasaki er6n, er6f and Versys

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  1. Brand new PC V for the Kawasaki 650s :)
    In a bike with an aftermarket exhaust, DynoJet's Power Commander V helps optimize the fuel air mixture by tuning the fuel for more power, faster response, eliminates dead spots in the acceleration, better fuel efficiency and cooler engine. The bike feels and rides better.
    Price: 11,000 THB
  2. I have a friend interested if the PCv comes with the AutoTune option. Thx
  3. Hello there Joel,
    Thank you for your interest.
    The price for the PC V unit alone is 11,999 Bhat without the Auto Tune. There was a typo on my first post.
    A map matching the specs for the aftermarket slip on exhaust can be loaded on to the PC V.
    For daily street use and perhaps the occaisonal track use, an Auto Tune is not necessary.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Thx for the additional info, that corrected 12k just for the PCv makes much more sense! lol. I will pass the news onto my mate.

    Agreed, Auto Tune is not necessary but being able to self tune a fuel map to a specific target air fuel ratio for your riding style, bike mods & atmospheric conditions is awesome imho!
  5. Hello there Joel,
    I can get a good map for the bike and the exhaust combination uploaded on the unit for your friend.
    That may be all that is required :)
  6. Are you selling the auto tune ? I have PC V already.

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