For sale: Excellent condition Touratech Zega 35 liter pannier boxes

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  1. Time to sell my 35 liter Touratech Zegs pannier boxes.
    They are in excellent condition, and come complete with the mounting pucks, key locks, as well as safety straps for the lids. They are also powder coated texture black inside and outside. Price is 15,000 baht




  2. Rhiekel
    I am interested in the item you put on sell. Please contact me at 0891058854 or mail me.
  3. Hi

    Can you give me a call at 0891058854?
  4. interested in your panniers , have sent you a PM.
  5. Need your contact info, or call me at 0891058854.
  6. Hello all:
    Sorry the boxes have been sold. My friend Joe snapped them up as soon as the ad hit....

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