For Sale, GIVI Pannier Holder to Fit Versys 2010-11 for taking GIVI V35 side boxes


Dec 21, 2011
[In Thailand]

Brand new and original, having imported from Italy,
I'd like to resell my never-been-used GIVI pannier holder -
rapid detachable rack system, PLXR450 together with 450kit.
The rack set has been designed to fit Versys 2010-11
for taking GIVI V35 side boxes.

My last prices:
Bht. 11,500 for PLXR450 (cheaper than retailers' lowest price @12,500)
Bht. 2,950 for 450kit (cheaper than retailers' lowest [email protected],450).

The URL links hereunder may help showing you about Givi V35 and the rack system.

contact: [email protected]

(I got only the rack set, and only one set)