For sale: Honda AX1 250s

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  1. 2Honda AX1 for sale with Reg.40000-45000Baht.
  2. hi Tom.

    I am interssted in your Ax1. Can you give me some facts about them. what year, where they are now,maybe you have some pictures?

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  3. Hi Jocke
    We have 2 AX1 to choose from they are about 12years old.They can be seen at Goodwill Motorcycles Joe Bike Team 26/1 Soi2Chang Moi Rd.Chiang Mai Tel.251186 Look forward to see you
    Best regards Tom.
  4. Hi again Tom.
    I"m still interested in both of your bikes. Me and a friend are thinking of fly up to changmai and drive the motorbikes back home. We live in Phuket. Are they ok for such long drive? And because we are farlangs, i was thinking of the papers. Do you now if it can be fixed in some way, or do i have to take my girlfriend with me to sign. Maybe we can fax or fix the signs in some way. We have stayed here long time but only have touristvisa. Do you have some suggestions.
  5. Hi Jocke.
    Normaly you need a non imigrant visa to buy a motorbike but I am sure we can arrange something without any problems.The bikes are in fair condition and should be o.k. to drive down to Phuket.
    Best regards Tom.
  6. Jocke
    Seing you guys are in Phuket, I slipped over to Joe & Tom's this arvo & took some digital photos of the bikes for you.
    There are 2 shots of each bike, 1 from the side & 1 from the back (so you can see the licenced number plate.)
    I have email the photos to you.
    I hope this is a help & you guys can reach a deal.

    Keep the power on
  7. Hi again Tom.
    We fly up to changmai today. See on the web that u have alot of dirtbikes up there. We plan of going to look at your ax1's tomorrow.

    See u


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