For sale : Honda baja xr250 in laos

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  1. Hello,

    I'm in Luang Prabang (town) with my Baja, which I'm selling due to my trip soon coming to an end. The bike runs extremely well and everything works as it should (except the kickstand indicator light). Engine is strong, brakes are excellent (both front and rear pads have been changed),'s just a pleasure to ride.
    It has on-off road tires, which have been perfect for the mixed riding that I've been doing. The bike has been very well maintained and I have all receipts from the previous owner, and from my maintenance/repairs, going back about 2 years. Recently, I put in a brand new carburetor, which increased the fuel efficiency a bit more. I also have the original registration card (it is a Cambodia registered motorcycle) with all numbers matching, as well as bills of sale from original owner to the other owners and me.

    Included: HJC Helmet in excellent condition, riding gloves and goggles, set of front & rear inner tubes, clutch cable, 3 locks (2 "U" locks and 1 cable lock), 2 pre-used spark plugs, small luggage rack.

    As far as what it needs to be perfect...the rear tire will have to be changed after a few more thousand kilometers and it burns some oil.

    Need to sell fast, so if possible please call me rather than messaging on this board. I have photos available, please ask if you want me to email them to you (I can't post them on this site for some reason).

    Thanks for reading,

    Paul @ 0205-405-8738
  2. Hi there,

    What year is it and whats your asking price?
  3. Hi, sorry for the late reply...I'm not sure of the year, I've googled it, asked mechanics, and ever posted a question here in the forum about it and still can't figure it out..tricky with this bike for some reason. Maybe you can tell from the picture? I'm happy to email it to you if you wish. The price is $1800. Please let me know if you're interested, thanks!

  4. Hello.. I'm sorry that I forgot to post that the bike has been sold... Thank you gt-rider!

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