For sale: Honda GL Pro (Georgetown Penang)

Discussion in 'Malaysia - Motorcycle Road Trip Reports Forum' started by decook, Sep 12, 2014.

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    If anyone is interested... After a great ride down from Hanoi I am now in Malaysia and looking to sell on the bike, hopefully to someone who will want to ride back through Thailand.

    The bike is:
    Honda GL Pro
    Manufactured in 2000
    145cc air cooled 4 stroke
    Kick start only
    Vietnam Registered

    Recently replaced; tyres, cam chain, top sproket, valves (+ reground seatings), barrel, piston head, piston rings, clutch plates, fuel filter, air filter, front break disk, reconditioned carburettor.

    I have the ownership document as well as International Circulator Certificate from the JPJ.

    I can also provide a crash helmet, ridding gloves, panniers, tools, and advice on passing any borders crossings between here and Vietnam.

    Looking to get about $400usd


    Contact me here.

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