For Sale: Honda Sonic 125 - custom-made Off Road

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by wunkel, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. wunkel

    wunkel Member

    As I'm moving from Thailand to Laos and getting a bigger bike, I intend to sell my particular custom-made Sonic.


    It is a handy and reliable bike for all terrains including rough trips off the beaten tracks. It is nice for anybody who likes driving in cities as well as off road without the need to buy two bikes.


    A shop in Bangkok customized the bike for me changing the shock absorbers (higher), tires (studs), the handlebars (long), and the fenders. The bike is very capable to go off road. Please contact me if you want to see pictures.

    The price is 29.000 THB !

    Honda – Nova Sonic RS Super 125

    -Year: 2005
    -Km: 11.000
    -Cylinder Capacity: 125 CC
    -Transmission: 5 Speed
    -Clutch Type: Manual
    -Engine: 4 Stroke, Water Cooled
    -Complete Registration Papers
    -Tax + Insurance until May 2008
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  3. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    wunkel, how much did you pay for all the mods? And how much for the bike? Are you the first owner?
    I'm surprised nobody showed some interest yet - if it is two years old and has a modest 11000km, plus the mods, it's a good deal in my opinion!
  4. wunkel

    wunkel Member

    Hi Klaus!
    It is good deal for sure. I think most of the folks are interested in big bikes, so this bike is comparatively like a toy. But a very nice one, I think.
    I bought it 9 months ago for 27.000 THB and paid another 4500 THB to modify it. But then I came over a new job in Laos and I will move there soon. I'm the second owner. The bike is up-to-now without accident. Rego legit and on my name. If nobody will buy it I will take it to Laos.
  5. paddy_mckenna

    paddy_mckenna Member

    hi there

    where is the bike located?

  6. wunkel

    wunkel Member

    the bike is currently in Bangkok.
  7. Klaus

    Klaus Ol'Timer

    Hello Joerg,
    is the bike still for sale and in BKK? If so please call me as soon as possible! Klaus 089-886-8576

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