for Sale in Siem Reap: SUZUKI DJEBEL 250cc only $1400

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  1. • Electrical start + Kickstart
    • Great condition, very reliable
    • Fully legal, plated, registered in my name
    • Serviced by people who know what they are doing
    • New regulator, alternator, chain, sprockets, mirrors
    • Big tank, strong light, strong hand guards, comfy seat
    • Many spare parts and essential tools including regulator, 3 inner tubes, light bulb front, brake pads, air pump, 4 cables (2 clutch, 2 accelerator), rope, spark plugs, cold-patch kit including 3 solid spanners, screwdrivers, mirror, spanners and more
    • Ridden considerately
    • In Cambodia since 2006, bought from first owner in Cambodia
    • Selling because leaving Cambodia

    I have owned this bike for 4 years. The first two of these years I used it for daily transportation but rarely for long distances. I also had it registered in Phnom Penh in my name. The bike was treated to lots of preventive care to avoid problems in remote areas. Kick start was added at significant cost. The bike has never let me down.

    The bike was stored at a friend’s place for most of the remaining two years until I returned to Cambodia about 6 months ago. The bike was extensively serviced in preparation of a long-planned 5-week tour through Laos from which I just returned. Among other things I had the alternator as well as the regulator replaced prior to the trip.

    During the Laos-tour the bike ran great and reliably. It was serviced twice by Fuark, reputed to be the best mechanic in Vientiane. Among other things, I replaced the rear tire, inner tubes as well as chain and both sprokets.

    I would not have taken this bike into remote Laos if I had not been fully convinced of its condition and reliability. That the bike crossed Cambodia-Thai and Thai-Laos borders twice in different locations during the tour demonstrates that registration and proof of ownership hold up to close scrutiny, not only in Cambodia.

    The bike comes with lots of spare parts and essential tools including, regulator, 3 inner tubes (1 front, 2 rear), light bulb front, brake pads, air pump, 4 cables (2 clutch, 2 accelerator including nipples), rope, cold-patch kit including 3 solid spanners, screwdrivers, spanners and more.

    I am selling because I am leaving Cambodia.

    These photos were taken a few days ago:
  2. hi i am interested in your bike.

    can you tell me

    1) current mileage on the clock
    2) the year of production
    3) most importantly, can non-resident register the bike under his name?

    thank you

  3. sorry for the late response. Unfortunately (for you) the bike is sold now.

    I think it would be difficult to register unless one can show some proof of residency in Cambodia, such as lease agreement and business visa.

    there were recently discussions on this on

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