For sale: Kawasaki ER6n with ABS (2009) in MINT CONDITION - 190,000 Baht

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  1. Much loved and looked after Kawasaki ER6n (ABS) in outstanding condition, with green book and insurance. One owner. Regularly maintained in Kawasaki at Rama IX Bangkok (last maintenance performed in June 2013), oil changed every 4000 km, used only Shell fuel (mostly V-Power Nitro+), never had any accidents.

    The bike comes with: original Givi windscreen, original Givi luggage rack (for top and side cases), original Givi V46 Monokey Topcase (side cases are not included in this price), green book, service and owner's manual, registration and insurance till November 2013, 2 sets of keys and a free helmet.

    At 190,000 Baht, this is really great value for money!

    Becoming a father for the second time in less than 2 years did it - no time for taking my dear Kawa out as much as she deserves, so decided to give up biking for a while.

    Please, contact Marjan on 080 481 1970 or by email [email protected] (can send pictures by email)

    Bike is in Bangkok.
  2. were not these bikes 220,000 baht new back in 2009?

    so u are wanting all your money back minus 30.000 baht for a 4 year old bike with no doubt plenty of km on the clock ( had it been low km u would have said so)

    Thailand......The Land of No Depreciation.....never fails to amaze me
  3. Hey Joebloggs,

    Thanks for the time spent to read my classified and to respond to it.

    Your comments are fair and I do get your point. However, the cost of the new bike with ABS back then was actually 245,000 Baht. Windshield, luggage racks and top case, which I am selling with the bike, added another 20 k or so. Bike also has a new chain, sprockets, Metzeler tires, etc... and whoever buys it will also get a nice HJC helmet... Bike did some km over the 4 years but was very well taken care of and never abused. After looking around and checking what's available, I do think that my price is ok.

    Btw, what would be your offer, if you have one? Just curious.


  4. The truth is, few er6n are available below this price, even if I personally think that any extra on the bike should not be part of the price as you did put these parts for your own tastes and used them so if you have spent 20k on them thats not their value anymore, but thats again farang thinking, it seems that any extra on bikes in LOS never get depreciated.

    Still a new er6n today is what 260k? So it might be worth it for 70k less or maybe just add 20k and get a new Honda 500 with warranty and insurance....

    Anyway good luck with the sale :)
  5. we still don't know how many km?

    like the other poster says u can buy a brand new 3 year guarantee Honda 500 for a few thousand baht more

    anyway good luck with the sale but if it were me I would flog the extras separate and ask 165k for the bike
  6. Frankly, I"m of the opinion that if the advertised price of a bike is not to your liking then just move on. Alternatively try negotiating directly by PM or phone with the owner direct,rather than bastardize his add. Different story when the negative ones are trying to maximize on something that they are selling
  7. Quite right,this is not Thaivisa,,,it's not a negative site
  8. This is indeed very different from TV and way better since this is also a forum where you can express yourself on various subjects and it is not only a platform to sell bikes (or whatever you are selling).

    Many adds are pointing at very dodgy subjects when we speak about prices of second hand bikes in LOS, my post was not negative (hence I even say it would be an option to save 70k on a new one) but quite realistic (for 10k more you can have a new 500 Honda).

    Joebloggs did ask a relevant question about mileage and offered an advice and I fail to see where this is negative also.
  9. Can everyone keep their Alan Whickers on!! No one got bastardized or flamed.

    I personally find it bleed'in annoying when I see a for sale ad & the seller wants top money, without bothering to show pictures or reveal the bikes mileage. Just saying :crazy:
  10. Ok folks. The guy is trying to sell his bike. If you're not interested in buying there's no real need to comment for the sake of commenting. Thank you.

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