For Sale- Lifan 250 cc Cruiser, Year 2012, 65,000 baht

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  1. Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear has placed this advertisement for the owner of the bike. Contact number below reaches the owner of the bike.

    2012 Lifan 250 V with saddle bags
    1700 Kilometers
    One Owner
    Still under warranty
    Bought for the wife but too big for her to handle
    Great looking bike and a pleasure to ride
    Service records
    Owner's manual
    Green book
    Located in Chiang Rai
    Call for English 084-135-1405

    Like brand new!






  2. I've heard mostly good things about the Lifan cruiser, but I have to ask, is it really a 2012? And if it is, what in the world happened to that rear fender?!

  3. I don't know the answer to either question and I haven't seen the bike. But I have forwarded the questions to the owner and await a reply.
  4. The reply of the owner/seller of the bike:

    The bike is for sure a 2012 model. What looks like a scratch is the design in the paint job. The whole bike is like this with the exception of the fuel tank.
  5. This one is sold. Thanks.

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