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  1. P_20170919_091119. P_20170919_091119. 2011 Kawi 650 Versys
    Original Engineer enthusiast Owner with too many bikes
    The Versys shortfalls of bad brakes and cheap suspension have been addressed, along with a host of little mods to result in a much better bike set up for sport touring. Nothing left to do but ride it

    Showa BPSF fork from a 2014 Kawi ZX6R. This is the hot set up for ER6 racers and gives one the advantage of a much better fully adjustable fork and larger radial brakes. New seals and serviced 100 km ago
    This was not a cheap mod and I question whether there is another Versys in the country like this

    This fork is 50mm shorter than a standard Versys and the proper way to lower the bike. The local practice, and one used by Motorwerk, moves the fork legs up on the yoke, thereby changing trail. As you might expect, changing the steering geometry is not the preferred lowering method

    Rear shock is a Showa from a Yamaha R1 fitted with a custom spring.
    Mounted on a genuine Motowerk lowering block and not a cheap Thai copy of unknown alloy. In combination with the front the bike now sits 50mm lower for those of us with shorter legs

    310mm radial front brakes
    These are proper radial mount callipers, not a radial calliper on a cheesy radial to axial mount. Paired with the latest Brembo RCS19 adjustable ratio radial master cylinder this bike brakes like a sport bike, and how a Versys should brake had Kawi not fitted cheap brakes. Stock ABS is retained
    Rear brake is stock
    EBC-HH pads both ends
    ZX1 front mudguard

    New Metzler tires
    Engine guards
    LED driving lights
    Stiebel Natalus 105 db horn that gets attention
    Hand guards on custom mounts and not the crappy ones provided P_20170919_091318. P_20170919_091151. P_20170919_091318.
    Givi windscreen
    Hard mounted Seahorse 720 panniers. Positioned forward for better weight balance and narrower than the bars. A fat ass bike is not helpful when trying to navigate clogged traffic.
    H&K Pelican style rear box on a custom powdercoated mount that I only mount for long trips
    Custom Side fairings.
    Powder coated rear sub frame
    Acropovic muffler
    Power Commander V and tuned with Power Commander autotune
    Throttle body sub plates removed
    Pollution control removed
    Throttle bodys are paired
    K&N air filter and air box opened up
    Tank grip pads
    Custom seat cover
    Supersprox front and rear sprockets, with the strongest X-ring chain RK offers. Rear is 2 teeth larger and a common mod for a more suitable ratio
    Paddock stands
    Radiator cover
    Headlight modulator that constantly flashes the low beam during the day - this really gets you noticed by inattentive car drivers
    80/100 headlight

    59,000 KM and on Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil since new

    Have all the stock parts, and both a workshop and parts manual

    150,000 B and no time wasters please. If it does not sell at this price I will strip the goodies and sell the bike equipped like any other Versys at market price P_20170919_091119. P_20170919_091151. P_20170919_091318.
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  2. Man you put an incredible amount of work into that perfect bike" Robert.
    You must be a bit sad moving it on then.
    & the price is right.
  3. yes but I have more bikes than I can ride.
    Short of opening up the engine for a bit more compression and maybe the reversed cam trick, There is not much more to do other than tacky bling.

    Unlike another one I recently saw for sale, I am however missing the titanium drain plug...........................

    On to modding the Bonnie T-120 now, and the Dyna is almost re-born as a cafe style

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