For SALE, Phuket: Kawasaki D-Tracker x250

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  1. -- same bike, same owner (me). That time sale fell through, because in the end I decided to take bike to Phuket as I was going to stay here for about half a year. This time I'm moving out of country for good at the end of May.

    Price: 99000 THB

    Bike location: Phuket, Thalang.

    Kawasaki D-Tracker 250
    Model: 2009 (bought by first owner in 2010)
    Km: 19000
    Modifications: stainless-steel rack, GIVI top-box with stop signal.

    Service history: I bought it at 10200 km in January 2011, previous owner (Thai) was a mechanic and serviced it good. Oil was changed at 17000 km and once again unwillingly 3 weeks ago while bike was serviced for broken ignition cable (it's a new one now).
    No crashes except I laid it down once while parking and broke the ending part of gear handle. It wasn't changed because it doesn't affect handling.


    Green book is in my name (went to Cambodia without any problems or fees).
    Re-registration to my name was done in Pattaya, I expect a little hassle of re-registering it in Phuket, but mostly from my part.

    Contact: via PM, e-mail: [email protected], skype: eye-shield-77

    If I forgot to mention something important, ask questions here, please.

    P.S. Both helmets are also for sale.
  2. More photos.

    Red circles on the last picture show a "broken" gear handle and disconnected stop signal cable from topbox. It should be easy to fix and is already included in the price.
    I also don't see any use for my helmets (more like it would be hard to find place in my luggage) so they come with the motorbike at no additional price.

    I don't confine selling area to Phuket, it can easily be Samui. There I will be from 20th to 24th of April (for Samui triathlon).
    Or Pattaya -- right after 2nd May or closer to 24th May. Of course, I will need a deposit (5000 should be ok) if you want to buy the bike from there. After I would've shipped or ridden bike to your place I don't want to be left with no buyer.

    Telephone: 0876067259 (preferably text, I'm often asleep during the day due to job schedule)

  3. 95000 for the last week I'm on Phuket (valid until 25th April).

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