For sale very good Ymaha TTR 250 ccm Enduro

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  1. Peter1

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    Look at this, and dont forget the next winter is coming soon. [:D][8D][:D]

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  3. penetrator

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    Hi, you say "no number plate but no problem" so how do you go about getting a numberplate and would there be a cost for that, if so how much ?

    If you still have the bike in October I might be interested. What year is it and what condition is the engine in - how many km's ?
  4. macattack

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    One should always be careful about buying bikes with no number plate because this also means no registration book, this costs an arm and a leg in thailand. also you run the risk of constant fines from police. as a farang its always better to stay on the right side of the law, and remember where you are. ( NOT EUROPE )
  5. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer


    How many kilometers on the clock? What made you check the starter on the bike?

    Do you have an invoice for both the frame and engine?

    Thanks in advance.
  6. Peter1

    Peter1 Member

    How many kilometers on the clock? What made you check the starter on the bike?
    Do you have an invoice for both the frame and engine?

    The kilometers it s nearly by 30000 But a motobikeshop put a new piston and valves in it. Still good running the engine is not noicy etc.
    All invoice paper for the frame and engine are in my hands.
    MacatakkWe riding now nearly 20 years in the north of Thailand without a number plate and without any problems. Sometimes me and some friends where controlled by the police - no problem-
    MANY times they want to stop me but when they saw I m a farang they didnt stop me and let me enjoy my trip. Sometimes we crossed with the bikes the border to Laos - no problem. Importend is the tax and the incurance sticker.

  7. macattack

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    well aware of the thais lack of interest in number plates especially in northern thailand I live there too, and ride a fireblade ( registered ) But there will always be one who isnt so laid back and ive seen many bikes impounded. the fact that your a farang helps i agree but it wont last forever also i saw a farang at the nong kai loas border who couldnt get his bike through because it wasnt registered andf that was two weeks ago. All the best and hope you sell it soon.
  8. Peter1

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    Thanks for your answer. When I cross the border to Laos I used Chiang Khong. Contact MR Anirout from Ann Tours he will help you in any ways.

  9. chiangsaen.peter

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    how do you get a tax sticker without a rego book? I ride an old BMW with an insurance sticker. Pls. tell me how to get a TAX sticker.

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