For sale Yamaha Enduro / Chiang Mai

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  1. For sale 1 Yamaha 250 ccm Enduro with invoice paper very good condition not used by rental. contact bz mail [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    new battery tires very good etc. [8D]

  2. Put in a picture w price and enlarge your chance of getting it sold.
  3. 5009lh.jpg

    Price 49 000 Baht. Engine running perfekt. [8D]
  4. how many kilometres on the clock chief?
  5. km ? I dont know I m now in LPB. The engine got new piston and a clutch. Perfect running. [8D]

  6. moto man stand in front of bike in assless chaps!!!
    You'll apeal to a new demographic,you know,Y.M.C.A.
    hope you sell the bike any way.:)
    Scott....Marketing is my fortee, NOT!
  7. ?????????????????????????


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