For Sale Yamaha RAID TTR-250 Chiang Mai 50,000 Bt SOLD SOLD

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    I bought this Yamaha from BBQ Barry's son Robert earlier this year. I have my eye on another bike and this one is has to go. It runs perfectly. It has a locally built aftermarket pipe on it, rear rack, has OEM enduro computer and big headlight. It is in exceptionally good condition. It appears the previous owner(s) spent the majority of ride time on the pavement.

    New clutch, oil change and UNI air filter 11 Dec.

  2. How about the book and plate? Model year?
  3. No book or plate. Let me know if you find one for 65K with a book. I'll buy it. I think it is a 94.
  4. Installed a new heavy duty clutch and UNI air filter yesterday. Oil changed also.
  5. bombdefuzer wrote:
    "Let me know if you find one for 65K with a book"

    So, I let you know... As I was looking for a while for a Honda XR 250, I can assure you you can find 250cc off-road bikes WITH green book for less than 65000 Bahts:
    1) I recently bought (in CNX) a Honda XR 250 Baja '95 WITH green book for 40000 Bahts. OK it has no more its original stickers and painting, but piston/ring/sprockets and chain were just changed and top end engine refurbished...
    2) Last year I met a thai guy (in CNX) who was selling his Honda XR 250 WITH green book for the asking price of 45000 bahts. OK the front light was not more the original one, as was the painting...

    And I don't do a big search. Just eyes wide open around and some chance...

    WITHOUT green book I remember among other things:
    1) A few months ago, a XR 250 Honda 2002 in a shop (in CNX) in very good condition for the asking price of 65000 Bahts...
    2) 6 months ago, in a small shop (in CNX) I felt on a Yam Mountain Trailer 225 '90s but in good condition for the asking price of 28000 Bahts...

    Maybe it's different for the Yam Raid TTR 250... And I understand prices are up to the seller/buyer agreement.

  6. I used to own that bike.....
  7. Holy crap, now these shoe scammers start to infiltrate other’s post’s.

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