For sell: Kawasaki D-Tracker 250

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  1. EyeShield77

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    Kawasaki D-Tracker 250
    Model: 2009 (bought by first owner in 2010)
    Km: 16200
    Modifications: stainless-steel rack, GIVI top-box with stop signal.

    Service history: I bought it at 10200 km this January, previous owner (Thai) serviced it good. We've changed oil and I didn't do anything after it (I guess I needed to change oil at 15000km).
    No crashes except I laid it down once while parking and broke the ending part of gear handle. Didn't change it.

    Green book (went to Cambodia without problems or fees).
    Re-registration to my name was done in Pattaya, for now I have no information if we can re-register it in Bangkok.
    Insurance is paid till the end of January (I don't know if it's moving with owner changing).

    Price: 107500 Baht


    Contact: via PM, e-mail: [email protected], skype: eye-shield-77

    Reason for selling the bike: plan to move to Phuket and use a bicycle as transportation.

    If I forgot to mention something important, ask questions here, please.
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  3. EyeShield77

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    You can see bike almost any time at my condo right near Huai Khwang MRT.
  4. EyeShield77

    EyeShield77 Member

    New price: 99,900.

    I decided that I am more interested in selling the motorcycle cheaper than intended, but before my departure, because I don't really want to move it to Phuket and then try to sell it there.

    So this price works until 13th September as re-registration must be finished on 15th.
  5. EyeShield77

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    It would be nice if mods can change name of the topic for "For sale: Kawasaki D-Tracker 250, 99900 THB until 13.09". I didn't find if I could edit first post myself.
  6. zboy

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    Hi eyesheild77 you can always change the bike in ti yiur name nomatter where you are and nomatter where the bike if from all you need to do is get a temporry rentel contract from the landlord and then you go to immigration and tell them you want a car or a bike in your name and they will make papier and it will cost you 300b and then you are off to land andtransport offices and they will make the greenbook in your name all the best eyesheild77 i would love to buy the bike but its abit to mush money to what i wanner pay for it your welcome to give me a offer my mail is [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] best regards zboy
  7. zboy

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    hi eyeshild77 yes you can always chaange the greenbook in to your name all you need is a tempory rent contract from the landlord and least 1 monhts visa to stay in thailand then you will go to the immigration offices and tell them you want that papier to you can get a car or a bike in your name it will cost you 300b and then you will go to the land and transport offices and they will change the greenbook into your name bye the way the papier you get from immigration can you also use to take a driver liecen with all you need is just a doctor report saying your all good and northing is wrong with you and that normaly cost around 100b i would love to buy the bike to its abit to mush for me to pay in that Condition its in it looks like it need abit off love and care and even new tyrers and things like that cost alot of money but your welcome to give me a offer on my there is [email protected] all the best and may the wind always blow your way and buda always be there 4u bye the way i live in phuket zboy
  8. Garet

    Garet Ol'Timer

    Is that a Givi topcase? How many litres is it? Did it come with that rack or did you just attach it yourself?
  9. Hi, is the Tracker still for sale?

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