For sell Yamaha SRX 400 year 91 Electric starter, Mono chock.

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  1. SOLD !!!!!

    Yamaha SRX 400 year 91 Electric starter for sell
    only 65000 Baht in mint condition. well maintenance
    with Bangkok plate and green book.( please ask.)
    Bike is in Bkk.

    contact Apicha 081-5488585








  2. Consumption 20-22 km. per L. ( in Bangkok) Sorry I do not have the original exhaust.

  3. Hi Pichus, interested, will have a Thai friend from Chonburi contact Khun Apicha and check out the bike in Bangkok, rgds, FR
  4. Hi Franz, Really Welcome your friend to come and check it out please give me a call.
    There are some scratch on bike because I ride to work everyday.(Photos are quite illusion Ha Ha, were taken by my friend who is a photographer) The bike well taken care of.well maintenance.
    Reason : I've got 3 Motorbikes and my wife want me to cut one off.
    More details
    - New spark plugs, NGK DR8EA-9 as original
    - New air filter
    - Clean out carburetor
    - New Break Pad(GOLD FREN red package) and clean all break system (Front,Rear)
    - Dunlop Alfa 12 tire ,First use Feb.last year 110/150
    - No rust in Tank , Always fill with octane 91 (Not Gasohol)
    - Supertrapp exhaust (sorry I do not have stock one But If you want I can ask guys in SRX group to get one.)
    Consumption is about 20-22 Km./L in the city(Bangkok) ----> Sukhumwit , Rama 9 , Lardphao rd.
    Also I have spare Oil filter and NGK Iridium Spark plug DPR8EIX-9 (expensive one) for buyer.

    More about greenbook and Plate please call. 081-5488585 Apicha or E: mail [email protected]

  5. SOLD !! Thanks for GT riders

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