FORD Escape 2.3 wanted

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  1. For healthreasons I alos need to get a new higher and softer car, anyone wants to sell his/hers i am interested, could also agree for a swap with my Focus 2.0S which is hard as has sporty suspension, please no meassages as i am very seldom online but call at 0898955698, rgds, franz
  2. Of course I have already reserved one silver ESCAPE 2.3, as I had one before (mega guzzler with Mazda 3.0 V6) engine I now only want the smaller 2.3liters 4-cylinder.
    For this reason I need to sell my sporty 2008 Focus 2.0S
    Interested people please call 0898955698, I can give details over the phone. lower than 50,000kms driven, black, 5 door.
    Asking price ONO: THB 500,000.- car is in perfect condition.
  3. I ordered already a new one with Ford CNX as per promotion only B 1 Mio.
    Further on did I already sell the SRX600 and DR250.

    rgds, FR

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