fork seals leaking

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  1. fork seals leaking on my suzuki intruder 750,has anyone had there seals replaced and what sort of money does it cost here?
  2. I've changed fork seals on Honda Xr's and on Honda Shadows here in Thailand it's very cheap and alot better than having shit don't worry just get the job done.
  3. in chiangmai call 08-50402900 for more imfomation
  4. Where are you? The seals are cheap and so is the labour.
    In BKK Mr. T always does good work for me.
  5. HI I am in Nakhonsawan so I am limited for choices as far as workshops go,just wanted a rough guide so as not to get ripped off
  6. Big City NakonSawan so should be a few Big Bike shops there who can do it. Easy Job so just ride around and pick the Best Looking Shop working on Big Bikes. Or ask some Local Farang who they use? Or just shoot either Down to Bangkok or Up to Chiang Mai and get it done during the Ride? Good Luck.
    Cheers Ian.
  7. You could try doing it yourself. I got fork seals on E-bay at a reasonable price and did them (Yamaha XJR1200) bit of a prick if you don't have the special tools, but passes the time. I live in Sakon Nakhon so didn't have any choice, I am also Scottish so I resent parting with money.
  8. It is not a difficult or really technical job.
    You just need the correct seals and need to know the amount of fluid to put in the forks. A little surfing will get you the correct fluid amount and if all else fails you can phone Red Baron or Mr.T (Thai only) and order the seals yourself and get them fitted locally.

    As has been said see if you can spot a place that has any big bikes and see what you think, don't be put off by the disorganization and the crud. Most Thai workshops are like that. If your Thai is limited like mine just point to the seals and wipe some leaking fluid with your fingers aor make so gestures that approximate changing If the guy nods he nods what to do.

    This sort of exercise/project is what makes living in a foreign country interesting.
  9. Thanks for all replies,fork seals replaced for a whopping 600 baht[:D]
    now I cant complain about that.Time to go for a ride,
  10. I notice that you got more info from this forum than you did from ThaiVisa.[8D]
  11. I certainly did and will be contributing some of my trips and tips when I get my bike up to scratch,

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