Forma Adventure boots.

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  1. Forma Adventure boots.

    If you’re looking to buy a pair of riding boots you should check out these Forma Adventure boots.

    There unbelievably comfortable, light weight, and yet strong. Made out of thick leather, and fitted with good quality clips.

    And unlike my tech8s, you can walk around all day in them if you’re doing some sightseeing. I wore mine every day for 3 months on my last trip, and there like wearing your favorite old pair of runners.

    I got mine from Andy at andystrapz. He’s a great guy to deal with, and has a lot of other adventure riding products, that you can check out on he’s website.

    The boots were oz$390.00 which is pretty good value I reckon.


  2. Inspired by this post, I went shopping for a pair of Forma Adventure boots (online).
    Found that everybody, including andystrapz was asking the same price - $390.

    While shopping around, I found these Gaerne G Adventure boots on special at MCAS for $297 and decided to buy them.
    They just arrived this morning and seem pretty comfortable. Time will tell whether I've saved $100 or wasted $300 :thumbup:
  3. I also use forma adventure boots in the uk when out on the trails on my quad, excellent boots and far comfier than my tech 8s for all day riding and as said good grip also for when off the bike walking around, would definately recommend them!!
  4. Moto-Rex

    How have the Forma boots held up. Any problems/weak points ?

    From the picture, the soles appear to be bonded on, not stitched. My Alpine Stars that were bonded always gave way early on and I had to get them stitched locally.

    Does the waterproof liner actually breath, as advertised ?

    Is there any toe protection ?
  5. Gday Bill.

    Apart from a bit of dust and mud there like brand new.

    All the stitching is prefect, the clips work like new, and Ive had no problems with the moulded sole, which as you say, is a problem with Alpine Stars.

    There no more toe protection than most off road boots.

    Since I posted this recommendation my boots have been through hundreds of river crossing, and worn for weeks on end.

    I cant fault them.

  6. Rex
    Thx for the update. I'll give them a go.
  7. A few days ago I received my Forma Adventure boots from Atomic Moto

    Normally I take a size EUR 45 or 45.5 but 3 Forma vendors all recommended EUR 46 for my actual 11" long feet.
    Apparently Forma sizing runs a bit small compared to other boots.
    They were right, the Forma EUR 46 boots were a good fit for me.

    There's a Drytec liner that comes up ~2/3 the height of the boot. I waded around a stream to that height and no leaks yet.

    They're very comfortable and light weight. I reckon they're lighter than my AS Tech 2's which are only a half boot. The protection seems adequate for dualsport riding imo.

    So first impressions, I'm happy with them. We'll see how they go.
  8. Funny, just bought a pair myself without realising about this thread. Only worn them 2 days and not got them wet yet, but very comfortable so far. Just wore them around the house all day the first day I got them and forgot they were even on.

    Bought mine from Andy Strapz.
  9. Rex...
    You wrote: Forma Adventure boots.
    I got mine from Andy at andystrapz

    I'm in dire need for some new boots, which offer protection and also are comfortable to walk in.
    The Forma boots look like the answer...and as andystrapz in in Aussieland...
    Did you also have to pay Thai duty and I'd be concerned about obtaining a proper fitting boot?

    Worth mentioning...Prices at andystrapx are $390aussie and Atomic-Moto is much less at $300-US
  10. Just in case anyone is size 45 or smaller , pro Paddock in Bangkok have the Forma Adventure boots at B7,500 at the moment. (black and brown).

    Bummer my feet are 47, no way would the 45 even look like fitting !
  11. Is this Europe size 44? I wear Eur 44 / UK 9.5. Do you have a picture?
  12. Thanks to the Forma boot report by Rex and Harry Finn mentioning Paddock has them on sale at 7.500-Bt (less that 2K-bt elsewhere!).
    I bought a pair today, in my regular 42 shoe size . They are all that Rex said...and easy to walk in, even when new.
    The bottom 2 straps firmly snug the boot against my ankle & lower leg, but the top strap won't close enough to snug the top of the
    boot firmly against my skinny calves. Paddock had the Forma Adv, boots in sizes 40-46, but no 47's
    Forma does makes the Adv boot in sizes 48 & 49, and normally stocks them
  13. That's a good price. Does Paddock do mail order ?
  14. yes, they do. I'm in the process of ordering some
  15. an update....OUCH!
    The boots were fine during the short time I spent walking in the Paddock shop.

    More testing: Arriving home, I've now had them on for just over three hours, both walking and at rest.
    With the center strap/clamp tightened firmly, it creates pressure...and pain... just above the ankle, on the lateral side.
    It presses on the lateral ligaments. When the strap/clamp is adjusted quite loose, the pain is diminished, but not alleviated.
    Surely time and use will allow more give in the leather, but I'm impatient, so I'll try some of the leather stretching methods
    which are available on the Net.
  16. You will probably notice that the boots aren't round when looking at the top. They get squashed down in the box, and it's pretty common for there to be something digging in just above the ankle on at least 1 boot. Andy mentioned this when I had mine fitted at his shop. Wearing them is really the only way to get them back to their proper round shop. As you mentioned, some leather stretching thingys may help, Andy suggested standing in a bucket of water, I've just taken to wearing them for a few hours a day till they stretched back into shape, and having the centre strap pretty loose at first and adjusting it 1 click tighter every day.

    The big test will be the next 2 weeks in Vietnam, we will be there tomorrow:)
  17. Fitting problem resolved:

    I keep rubbing/isoprophol alcohol in my med kit, so I tried Method-3 in the link below:

    Put on the boots and _stuffed_ a partially rolled up sock over the problem areas just above upper side of the ankles
    (both left & right ankles in both boots) boots).
    Fastened tightly the upper and lower boot clamps, then tightened the center clamp as much as possible. Used a sponge to
    heavily and repeatedly dampen the leather with the alcohol, over the problem areas. Walked around & a few minutes later applied more
    alcohol and further tightened the center clamp as much as possible. Within 15-minutes, removed the socks and
    refastened the boot clamps. A significant improvement, but still slight pain on the right ankle, so I repeated the
    process and now the boots fit just fine...except my feet now have a slight hangover ;)

    I hope this can help if someone also has a fitting problem with their boots.
  18. After reading all of the above, I couldn't resist and immediately jumped on my bike to Paddock, a mere 4 kms away from me. I asked for a size 44, brown and black and they brought me a size 45. As it fitted perfectly, I didn't bother with size 44 and walked out wearing my brand new purchase, labels and all - no wonder I was getting strange looks from the other motorcyclists.....Good thing the fit is perfect, I wouldn't know where to get rubbing alcohol or even how to ask for it in Thai :)
  19. My Boots arrived this afternoon , EU 43 (UK 9). They are a tight fit compared to other boots which may be worth baring in mind.
  20. I bought these boots in July 2013 and have done multiple trips with them, they are hands down the best boots I ever had, much lighter and comfier then the usual stuff but still strong and water tight.
  21. Well.. After getting sick of my slightly dodgy left foot cramping up and being in pain.
    Decided to go for a pair of these Adventure Boots..
    Can't get any higher recommendation from that intrepid Lao explorer Sir Moto-Rex..

    Picked up a black pair.. Not being to fashion conscious :) but most bike gear or pants tend to be black.
    So rather than look black and brown and red.. stick to red and black..


    Here is a pretty neat review

    7,500 for the boots plus picked up a pair of gloves for 1,650
    Total 8,200 with my usual discount.. No need to ask for it :)

    Good people at Paddock..

  22. Very Nice! They are a Bit Much for Me as We tend to do mostly Road work lately so Touring Boots do the Trick!
  23. I have a pair. They are very comfy for road work too. can ride all day in them
  24. With all your extreme adventure rides Brian, Ill be interested in what you think of them,... and at 7500 baht, what a bargain.

  25. Tried out the boots last weekend.

    VERY comfortable.. Really impressed.

    Though I will say.. I do feel the SIDI Adventure books I have are a more solid around the ankles up.

    Having said that.. i may swap the boots around.. Keep these for the road trips on the Versys and the SIDI Adventure Boots for the off-road bush bashing.

    The guy that cleans my bike was impressed.. Threw washing the boots with the bike in the deal.



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