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    Forumrunner is a smart phone forum access application, integrated into vBulletin. It provides the software tools required for viewing posts, editing, uploading and messaging.

    The Forumrunner home page tells you what the application can do...A full list of supported phone is on the Forumrunner home page at:

    Forum Mobile Access Application:
    We've just installed and configured the mobile application on, and have tested that it actually works using my HTC smart phone...

    • login works fine
    • browsing works fine
    • have not yet tried editing or uploads etc

    What You Need To Do to Access GT-Rider via smart phone;

    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Go to the apps Market on your phone
    [*]Search for “forumrunner” application
    [*]Install the ‘free’ version of the software and open it
    [*]Search for – in my case, it showed on 2[sup]nd[/sup] page of results
    [*]Login etc and explore the options
    [*]Save GT-Rider to "Favourites" to make it easier to access the forums next time…
    [/list type=decimal]
    This post will also appear on General in the Forums, so that you can post your comments / questions there.
  2. Is it possible to get rid of the pop-up advertising this software?

    That app is not free on the Apple App store, I checked just now.

    When I browse on my iPad, that pop up keeps coming up every time I pass the main forum web page.

    Anyway I prefer to browse full websites on my iPad and not the scaled down mobile themes.
  3. There is a free version but you can only read the forum and not upload posts. I have isntalled the paid version (US 2), there are no adds and I have tested the uploads from iPad and iTouch (you pay once for both). Of course iPad is more convenient ... but sometime I just have the small with me :)
  4. According to the website's "Features" list, the FREE version does allow full "forum edit" access! :idea:
    For example;

    [TABLE=class: tborder, width: 100%, align: center]
    [TD]Full posting options (quote posts, start new reply)
    [TD]Attach unlimited photos from your library (or take photo from camera and upload to forum)
    [TD]Full support for private messages and private message folders
    [TD]Full support for thread subscriptions - track your favorite threads!

    If there is anyone who;
    • is possessed of eyesight good enough to actually do something this tricky in a smart phone screen, and
    • has tried editing / posting / uploading images from their smart phone..
    ...please let us know... :D
  5. The Forumrunner website is a little confusing:

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Forum Runner is FREE for forum owners to install on your forums and get listed in our database! Your users can then either use the read-only version, or can purchase the full version for a one-time cost of $1.99. You will find that the Forum Runner app has more features and is cheaper than any competitor. We are constantly adding new features to the app daily and you can communicate directly with our engineers via our Support Forums.

    But even if there is only a slight difference, I did not mind to pay US 2.- (total for iPad and iTouch), to have GTR always in my pocket :). I have tested the posts, this is OK. For pictures and other features iTouch might be quite small, by iPad is convenient :)
  6. 279281=10776-image-1994757372.

    Testing the upload of a picture inline ... From iPad

    Sent from my iPad using Forum Runner
  7. 279282=10777-image-947786547.

    Free advertisement ... As a test from iTouch

    Sent from my iPod touch using Forum Runner
  8. Thanks Jurgen - your glasses are obviously MUCH better than mine...
    Where did you get them?
  9. ;) I always go to Top Charoen (another free ad!). Actually, I have a trick, I am short sighted and can just take my glasses away :)

    On a more serious mode, I really like this app. I installed it for GT-Rider, but it will also be handy for a couple of other forums. It gives a more convenient access than through the (mini) browser and allows a quick look to threads whilst having a coffee in a cum Wifi place. For me it is an incentive to access the site even more often. Registering GT-Rider in this listing was a very good idea. Thank you to the admins for this.

    Sent from my iPad using Forum Runner
  10. Hi guys,
    does anyone know how to upload pics to your album on gt riders profile from the pics in you iPad and uploading on the iPad?

  11. This app is available for androids at googles playstore for 64 Baht. Unfortunately no testversion available.
    Reading the -mostly negative- user comments I would prefer to test it myself before spending any Satang.
    Nearly each forum request another App, thats what annoys me most.

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