Found a good and honest motorbike mechanic from small to big bikes in UTH

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    I've been going to this guy for well over a year, and he has never steered me wrong or jacked up prices on me.

    Most days when I show up, he drops everything and gets to work on whatever it is that needs attention. He has always made all of his work good if a first attempt didn't completely solve the issue (which only happened once), and I was not charged for the re-do.

    On big jobs, I've brought the bike in and left it, but he's never had it for more than a day and half, and he calls when he's finished. He always wants me to "test" things before I pay and leave.

    He also cleans everything that he's around on the bike after he is finished working. If there is road film/grime on wires or cables or the engine, he has cleaned it as if his job was to detail the bike instead of repair it.

    His son's English is good enough to get most things communicated, but when all else fails, I get my wife on the phone, and she translates for me.

    I've attached a map of his location, which is on Sri Chumchun Road that runs behind the prison. It's a multistory double-wide shop on the left going toward Amphoe Road.

    He usually has many small motorbikes parked out front on the curb that are for sale. Two of my expat friends have purchased a Phantom and Wave from him that were second hand, and he has taken very good care of them as well.


    Note: He is a big bike owner himself and is part of a local Thai riding club, so he knows big bikes. He has worked on both my Drag Star and my Road Star.

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