Free Bee Ems?


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
The good ship MSC Napoli that was deliberately run aground in waters close to Sidmouth, southwest England, after it was damaged during a storm on Thursday has lost a few containers overboard.
One of them was full of BMW bikes, so if you're quick, & in the area you might be able to pick up free a Bee Em floating around somewhere...
Aug 3, 2004
Just saw the TV coverage. The fine folk of Devon reliving their infamous smuggling past we used to read about in adventure stories. They lifted them out of the containers, put the front wheels on and were carrying them away in front end loaders and pickups, not sure how many yet. The ones I saw were top of the line 1200 GT's with fairing by the look of it.The Police have established a register so people can ring in and register their "finds" so that owners can claim the goods if they want them - yeah right!
As well as the Bimmas there were barrels of wine, perfume, medical supplies, sportwear etc and a car. The boat hasn't sunk yet but is listing badly and still has hundreds of containers on board.
Cheers Peter