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  1. Dear all,

    Some of you may have seen my posts the most recent about the 'Miss Lisu Competitions at our Mountain Lodge in Soppong (Pangmapha) shown on Davids New MHS Loop map (Lisu Mountain)

    I must inform any would be visitors that as of Today (26/01/07) it has now closed down! We sold out to a 4x4 Company wanting to use it as a private 4x4 base.

    We have moved everything down to 'Border Bar' again shown on Davids MHS Map in Pangmapha. With our new found capital we are investing in Pangmaphas only bar and currently building low cost clean rooms, a pizza oven (cant wait for it to arrive!), restaraunt etc etc plus I have 6 years knowledge of riding off road in this region and happy to pass on any info I can to all Riders especially GT Riders.

    Anyone that passes pop in for a chin wag mention GT Rider and a free fresh large mug of coffee free of charge coming your way as a welcome to Pangmapha from Myself and Boo! You cant miss us right opposite the Market with an old Willis Army Jeep parked at the front!

    Look forward to seeing some of you guys/girls soon.

    Andy & Boo
    Border Bar
  2. Andy & Boo, I hope your new venture gos well, have you found a way to do a Kao Soi and green papia salad in a pizza oven?
    Scott...Land of Oz.
  3. We are currently buiding a new balcony sitting area and Kitchen and if the oven arrives in time it should be finished by beginning-mid March for the Pizza's. Anyone that wants to try Khao Soy and Pappaya salad from a Pizza oven are welcome to try but not at our gaff!

  4. Andy & Boo, i hope your oven comes in march, and when i get up your way I'll order a red curry of duck pizza, with fresh Basil and baby bocincini on a thick crust, and to drink I'll have a icy cold Chang 3deg. See you soon Scott...use the word "Gourmet" and add 20bt.
  5. Should try making a somtam pizza, maybe that'll keep the little pillion riders happy !
  6. I Think we are going to keep with the Hawaiian Pizza, seafood, cheese and tomato style all your suggestions for Thai flavoured Pizzas quite frankly sounds disgusting:)

    I hope we are able to complete everything by March but T.I.T and if I expect punctuality I would have moved to Germany!

    Anyone that comes to Pangmapha at the moment will be entering a buiding zone. A huge amount of investment has been made into the town by the government and private companies in an attempt to take some of the overfill from Pai which quite honestly has gone pear shaped!

    Our little bar will be the only bar in town open till late and we are investing a lot to offer something which is seriously lacking in Pangmapha. Somewhere to go at night! In time we will be doing full english breakfasts, Pies, fresh bread and cakes, basically a full western menu plus DIY BBQ where we supply the meat and salad you cook it yourself (a bit like Utopia on Ratiwitt1 soi 2) also a full Thai menu with foods around from 20-60 baht a throw.

    See you soon guys

  7. Boo! talk to Andy and tell him to be a bit adventuress,does he wear sock with sandals???[8D]...Scott..Remember Gormet.
  8. Boo is not the quickest when it comes to the internet so forgive me if I answer that one myself Scott... I cant remember the last time I saw a pair of socks let alone wear them with sandals! I dress very smart indeed usually sporting a trendy pair of jeans with an elasticated waistband and a brown button up cardigan!

    Now when it comes to food...I am very adventurous! However, Som Tam tastes like krap so I ain;t gonna ruin a pizza by adding it as a topping! Now, my roast beef in gravy with lashing of melted cheese and crunchy peanuts and prunes is very tasty!:)

    Dont tell me this thread is going to end up to be a galloping gourmets reciped thread is it?

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