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    Open Street Maps (OSM) is a free community driven resource that can be used when planning your trip as well as loading the Map on your GPS device.

    OSM Home Page:-

    List of Supported Devices / Software:-

    Garmin Supported Devices:-

    OSM map on Garmin / Download:-

    You can use the tracks you have obtained on the forum or other sources with OSM just like you would with any other map.

    Another great tool is Google Earth by overlaying a path you have traced with in Google Earth and wish to ride. (Keep in mind some Google Earth maps are dated)
    Once you save the Google earth path as a KMZ file convert it to GPX format you can then overlay the track with OSM.

    Create a GPS Route / Track in Google Earth:-

    Please don't forget to contribute your updated / new tracks to the Forum and OSM.


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    The pace of change in this resource is truly incredible. Just a couple of years ago it was very very basic, even in populated areas.. About 6 months ago I rediscovered it by installing a maps app on my phone which can use OSM as a source and cache it to the phone so you dont need data connectivity. In many places its better than google or garmin.

    Really is incredible the power of crowdsourcing.
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    I have tried many of the map apps found on the net and found Galileo on
    This one is very simple and free, nothing fancy. But is shows a GPX track perfectly. (You need to zoom in on different levels along the track while online so the OSM maps are loaded and stored on your device)
    But due to poor battery and water resistance on my phone I ended up buying a Garmin Montana 650. I have a Garmin Zumo too, but they can not display a GPX track. Good for "7 to 11" rides on hard surface:)

    I keep all my GPX tracks on and just download whatever track I need.
    I use Basecamp to view and edit a track. From Basecamp a track can be viewed in Google Earth too.
    A good program for converting any GPS format is

    It is always smart to zoom in and "walk" through the track before heading into the unknown!
    I am talking about map and apps best suited for off road use.

    I saw a clear definition:
    Track: Something you/others have done.
    Route: Something you/others have planned.

    I work as a Captain on a tanker and the way we do navigation is in short something like this:
    We plan the voyage down to the smallest detail. When underway we use every possible means to make sure we follow the plan.
    Needless to say I never follow this when on holiday and riding off road.:p

    Thanks to Brian for doing this..

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