Freebie Streetpilot III

Discussion in 'GPS Use, Tracks & Maps Discussion' started by Franz, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. Streetpilot III to give away for free, Rottweiler Map of Thailand installed, only condition you have to pick it up yourself in CNX as I won't spend another THB for posting it......anyone interested, just post or send me an email and please don't ask what it can do as I never used it but it works. First reply to get it (can be determined by posting time.... :lol: ). Cheers, Franz
  2. Streetpilot III goes to Rhodie, first to reply, just short time after I posted..... :lol: :lol: , cheers, Franz
  3. Franz

    NEXT ime you give out something FREE,, call me i'll take it... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Franz
    a scholar & a gent sah,
    many thanx and see you later this week.
  5. John, Thursday eve it is then, once here, just send me an SMS in which Restaurant you are, name and street.
    Marco, I have some give aways for free for you too but you must come and pick them up out of my fridge, called FHP or Chang......... :wink:
    Cheers, FR
  6. Franz

    I'll see you in Nan on Friday????
    where we stay?
  7. Hi Marco, sent you an email concerning trip to Nan. Hopefully DR650RE will be ready by Friday, would like to go on this one to the mountains and honk at "Not on a Yamaha" with this 46 HP bike :lol: :D :wink: .....5555.
    Found another screw up at the DR.....tell you in Nan. Tony knows the acco. Cheers, FR

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