Frequency and Response to Flat Tires

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    Hi fellow remote riders...

    Planning for a trip in mid-May from Vientiane to LP and back. Really find the site wonderful and knowledge-base excellent--thanks.

    First wondering about flat tires. I plan to generally stick to HWY 13 and the primary roads, but what is my risk of flat. I will be on a Honda 250 dirt bike. Wondering what the common steps are to addressing it. Should i just plan to fix it roadside--which stinks. Seems like many people find local support for repair, so I'm kinda interested in how you've handled flats in the past---quick bandaid and ride to nearest town or full-on field repair?

    Thanks all for your thoughts and time in advance...

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    You should be mostly fine.. it is paved all the way.. Just steer clear of the corners of the road where any items that fall off cars / trucks will end up.
    Nails and other sharp objects.

    Same when you pull up at road side stops. usually this is how I have managed to get a flat when on the paved stuff.

    If hiring a bike, they should give you a spare tube and tool kit.. No tubeless tyres so a stop and go will be of no use to you.

    Keep away from the edge of the road if you have to stop. The trucks and cars take up half the road some times and may get push off to the extreme edge.
    Route 13 is a long way and far from villages in many places that can help.. Try and get some one passing to help you if you can't change the tube yourself.

    Enjoy the ride and hope to see a trip report.

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    Thank-you for the informative response and will be certain to post a trip report. I feel that is the least I can do for the time and information everyone has so generously invested.

    Sounds like my ride will be quite a bit more straightforward than many other adventures posted. One other curiosity was the frequency of petrol. Is that ever an issue to find gas or are there quite plenty of locations on the way. I know its likely not an issue for cars, but dirtbikes have a much smaller range.

    Thanks again.
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    You have 2 alternatives !!!




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