Friday's Off-road torture with George and Rudi

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  1. George and me decided to go exploring some new tracks around Doi Pui, lucky enough we discovered a beautiful waterfall, we had a rope with us, because we knew we gonna get some slippery parts at the waterfall, the track seemed to end just at the waterfall, so we turned around and tried another section uphill...what a nice hill climb, it carried us to the top of the mountain and granted us some great views over Chiang Mai. We were riding parallel to the waterfall and the sections became steeper and steeper, from what I could tell, we were not too far away from the Doi Pui Ranger station, but this is just a guess...we had to stop because there was a small canyon and only some tree logs made up as a bridge for the looked not too good and I was not sure about our mission right now...a second later George had the bike up on the first tree log and trying to drive over it, at the very last section on of the logs cracked and the back wheel got stuck. Lucky enough he had the front wheel up already. Somehow we managed to get over this delicate section. After this nerve wrecking action we were facing another steep hill climb. Not too steep but the underground was one mess, it was almost impossible to get traction, I forced myself to keep going and George followed...we reached another 150 m or so and then we had to give up...totally exhausted we turned around and crossed the tree log bridge one more time, this time I almost dropped my bike in the canyon...after cooling down a bit, we found a new track in we followed that, out of a sudden I recognized this track, this track carried us towards Doi Pui, then a green enduro bike was coming down the was Alex from the U.K. We stopped had a small talk and were ready for some coffee at Doi Pui Coffe shop. The clock was striking four and I had to return home...G. and I took hell's gate downhill...

    Not a long distance ride but for sure some very interesting tracks...

    2012-05-11105846. 2012-05-11105621. 2012-05-11115352. 2012-05-11115400. 2012-05-11115406. 2012-05-11115415. 2012-05-11134426. 2012-05-11134435. 2012-05-11134443. 2012-05-11134751.
    2012-05-11134927. 2012-05-11134934. 2012-05-11134953.

  3. Amazing pix & vdo Rudi & George. Super stuff. You've made my day. I'm glad it's you beating up your bikes & bodies like that - too much for lung nowadays.
  4. David, one day we gonna take your Africa Twin along, o.k... not sure if you're going to make the 400 k km mark then...worse a try at least...
  5. Looks like FUN! Nice to see water and green again! :happy2:
  6. Yes it do's look like fun 'Dam fine way to spend a day ! Keep it up :thumbup:
  7. The next time I have to bring a better camera, the samsung galaxy s takes nice shots but sometimes too blurry, thanks for all the replies...
  8. Oh yes, that´s great.
  9. Na, endlich mal jemand aus Deutschland, viele Grüße ...
  10. Great stuff. Beautiful waterfall.

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