Friends, Bikes, Babes and Police!!!

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by Ian Bungy, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Been a Busy Weekend up here in Chiang Mai and We had Lots of Visitors, Some People You May know, Our Friends Jessie & John called in,
    John was Riding His Trick GS1200 with Jessie on a D-Tracker
    They just happened to turn up the Same Time as some of Our Local police so besides having a Chat John snapped a couple of Pictures with them for Us!
    The Northern Regional Police Commander
    Police Lieutenant General
    Chaiya Siri-Amphaikul.
    He was accompanied by Family & Friends who had a go at the Off Road Buggys.
    Also here was the Head of Police, Mae Rim District!
    And the 2nd in Command of Police Mae Rim District!
    Nice Guys and the Northern Commander speaks perfect English so we were able to have an interesting Talk on some different Subjects?
    We had a Good Night till quite Late and this morning the Girls Tried out the Fat Bob for Size!
    Also the Off Road Buggys.
    They all got the Toast of Approval!!!
    So a Great Time had by all.
    Enough for Now I'm off to Watch the F1.
    Cheers Ian.
  2. Whoa. Great to see friends getting back together.

    Now about the Ambassador’s new friends does that mean he's going to be a man with your style Bungy & Long.

    Keep going, doing what you're good at. You've got a great product out there & with a good reliable regular clientele.

  3. Thanks for the warm welcoming hospitality.
    It was tremendous seeing you both and the family again,
    and the X-Centre now looks like a botanical garden!

    The Gals certainly had a merry old time.
    As for your new Harley with it's loud poo-pipes[©Jeremy Clarkson]! :clap:
    Mae Rim life is looking good matey!

    I also enjoyed meeting the Regional Rozzers.
    Who are clearly situationally aware of what's going on up in your neck of the woods. :huh:
    Always good to know who you can turn to, when necessary.
  4. Getting famous 55555, maybe these visits give new meaning to your nickname 'The Ambassador'.....55555, certainly good for you and good ad for the X-Center. Cheers, Franz
  5. Good on you!
    It's a pity I couldn't join you.
    Congradulations on running an excellant world class business.
    It is great for the motorcycling community to get recognition from the Thai police.
    Keep it up, it can only get more successful.


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