Friendship Bridge Attempted Illegal Runner

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    A Lao man was arrested on Wednesday at the middle of the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge in Nong Khai after he drove his motorcycle past a border checkpoint with out stopping for customs.


    Sailom Ruamsuk, 33, from Vientiane, was arrested at 9am and presented at a press conference at 10am.

    He was arrested with a Honda Click motorcycle that did not have a licence plate.

    Nimit Saeng-amphai, chief customs officer at the checkpoint, said Sailom road the motorcycle across the border without stopping so customs officials chased and arrested him.
    Sailom said he had bought the motorcycle in installments by using a Thai friend’s name and wanted to bring it with him as he returned home. He said he had not known that he had to seek customs clearance for exporting the motorcycle.

    Nimit said the man would be subject to a fine four times the value of the motorcycle.

    Source: The Nation News 10 October 2017.
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