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  1. forsa

    forsa New Member

    Hello riders,

    i had the idea to start this winter vacations in Phuket with a motor tour from Bangkok. Basically the idea is to rent some bikes in Bangkok send as much stuff as possible via mail upfront to Phuket and then find our way with the bikes...

    Had anyone done this before?
    Is it possible to rent some bikes in Bangkok and return them in Phuket like the big car rentals offers?

    Happy for any comments, TIPs

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  3. nuwatmat

    nuwatmat Ol'Timer

    To drop of a rental car 1000 km from its origin is going to cost you,i asume the same is the case with a bike,

    i will be renting out bikes in bangkok from end october and on,1200 a day for a kawasaki er6
  4. avantgarde

    avantgarde Active Member

    I did rent a car from Avis one time in Chiangmai and hand it over in Bangkok after 3 days. There was no exstra charge at all.

    About bikes i do not know , should be possible too

  5. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Hi Forsa,

    Riding out of Bangkok is pretty terrible, but once you're past Sakhon Nakhon the roads and views get better and once you reach Chumphon and hang a right on Highway 4 to Ranong the ride becomes absolutely spectacular! (MUCH better to take the beautiful highway 4 through Ranong than the more direct route through Surat Thani which is tedious and heavily traveled by lots of big trucks.

    If you're only going to ride one way you might consider shipping the bikes back via Thailand Post- I think it will cost about 1800-2000 Baht to ship a bike from Phuket to Bangkok by Thailand Post.

    Another option is to put the bike(s) on a train from Surat Thani to Bangkok. Final option- hire a truck. Best option- Ride them back!

    Happy Trails!

  6. nuwatmat

    nuwatmat Ol'Timer

    When you pass sakhon nakhon you are well out of bangkok 620 km to be exact,but it is a nice drive. :p
    samut sakhon on the other hand is not to far.
  7. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Ha ha ha!!! I always get those mixed up! LaughingSign.gif

    Thanks for setting me straight wai.gif

    Happy Trails!

    Tony 125.gif

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