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Discussion in 'New Members' started by rickypanecatyl, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Greetings All! I'm from the US, living in Kuala Lumpur, got a 3 1/2 week vacation so thought I'd come up to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

    I needed to get a new passport and so ended up going to the consulate in Chiang Mai where I realized I'd be stuck for a couple weeks. As it turns out, Chiang Mai doesn't seem to be such a bad place to be stuck in!

    I'm riding a KLX 250 (w351cc engine) and so far have 4,700 km on the trip. I'm sure you could get to KL in less than 1/2 that but I've been darting here and there like going for a run with a puppy in spring.

    So far I've learned:

    - This website rocks and has amazingly good info.
    - Malaysian KLX250's are not the same as Thai and you can't get front brake pads, carb parts and a few other odds and ends.
    - The weather doesn't change much as you drive out of hot, steamy KL till way past Bangkok and a little past Nakon Sawan; after Nakon Sawan suddenly the humidy drops (this is Feb), it gets dry, there leaves on the ground and you can actually get cold at night!

    I have not learned:

    - how to say, "Hey, would you happen to have a 142.5 mikuni main jet in stock?" in Thai
    - I haven't even learned how to say single track. :)

    Cheers! Feel free to send me a message if anyone is down in the KL area. There is some excellent riding there - especially jungle single track. Unfortunately renting decent bikes is pretty hard compared to Thailand and much more money. I do have some connections for 2 stroke MX bikes though...

  2. Hi Rick ,
    welcome to Chiang Mai and the forum. I lived in KL for 7 years and now Ive intentionally stuck myself in CM indefinately. My only regret was not getting stuck here a lot sooner.
    Malaysian KLX's are all carburettor driven with only the the D-Trackers being fuel injected , whilst in Thld they are both fuel injected. If you'd like to meet with a lot of the bikers here come along to the toy ride this Sunday. There is a thread on it elsewhere on this forum.
  3. Hi Ricky,
    Try Nat at the Piston Shop for Mikuni Jets.
    Also Joe has a jet reaming set.
    Just get a spare main jet from Nat if you can't get the correct size and take to Joes and get it reamed out.

    Ask Gary at Euro Bar for directions.

  4. Thanks for the pointers guys! I just found Pistons and they certainly have been the most helpful. And as far as teaching me how to say it - I'm having a hard time getting my tones right in Naaaahhm for water and Kow for rice. Don't know if I'd ever get 142.5 main jet down! :)

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