From the Eastern Seaboard to Khon Kaen (and back)

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  1. I started my maiden “long” motorbike trip again very early in the morning. Actually so early that the first 10min I had to open my dark helmet-vizor. Again I did ride first via Khao Mai Keaw to route 331 in direction Chansonsao. Wow the 331 is busy that early in the morning near Bo Win. And most are big touring car busses and mini-vans, combines with suiside Honda Waves.

    While riding on the 331 I was twice passed by a black Versys going to Khon Kaen also. Just before Kabinburi I did stop at a gasoline station to meet a friend of mine from Bangkok on his Versys. Also there was a Thai guy from Sri Racha on his red Versys on his way to Udon Thani. After meeting my friend we did ride via route 304 to Wang Nam Keaw to visit the bear at km39 at Thap Lan National Park.

    After that I continued route 304 to the intersection with route 24 at Pak Thong Chai, where I took route 24 in direction at Sikhu. I did stay overnight at Sapradu lake at the intersection of route 24 and route 2. It’s a beautiful area and there are many small resorts along the lake.

    The next morning I left again very early via route 201 in direction of Chaiyaphum. A little bit after Dan Khun Thot I had my breakfast at a PTT gasoline station (has 7/11 Amazon coffee shop and a Thai restaurant). Passing La Han where is a nice lake on your left hand side. Also passing Chaiyaphum and then later changing to route 229 in direction of Khon Kaen. At the intersection of route 2 taking route 2. Just before the ring-road of Khon Kaen I took the old Mitthaphap road that goes straight to the area of the city. I did stay at “B&B Place” along “Bung Kaen Nakorn” lake. Nice and not expensive hotel. Private parking for bikes and cars.

    After 4 days I did ride back. First via the same route I came in, so route 2, route 229 and route 201. I had breakfast again at the same gasoline station along the 201, but about 5km after Ban Khun Thot I to a right for route 2256 in direction of Lopburi. Yes a bit out direction but I had seen once that the road would cross a huge lake just before route 21. Well it was a bit a dissapointment as the road did go more or less over land with a lake on both sides. So I made a u-turn and rode back to the intersection with route 2089 in direction of Muak Lek. A bit boring road in the beginning but near Muak Lek it starts to be more fun in the mountains. Less funny were the group of KSR’s & Finos (about 40 together) driving there at speed of 90km/h and using the all roads like they are alone on the world. I did let them play on the twisty roads and at the right moment I passed them all (which was actually dangerous because the little idiots were going left & right at any moment they liked without looking to other traffic.

    I had a late & long lunch at one of the small waterfalls of “Namtok Chet Sao Noi” and I enjoyed BBQ Pork with sticky rice while relaxing on my bamboo sala.

    After Muak Lek I enterd route 2 in direction of Saraburi, which was a bit scary for me while going down with the busy traffic and weirdo truck moving left & right to avoid put-holes in the road. At Kaeng Khoi I left the madness of Bangkok-people-going-home traffic and took route 3222 in direction of Nakhon Nayok. Somehwhere along route 3222 I stopped at a old looking gasoline station with the cutest shop-girl I have ever seen. Also at the gasoline station were a few big motorbikes, a great all-Trexed-up BMW of a few Thai people and 1 Brit. One of the bikes was not working anymore and luckily of the Trex they had the tools to check the bike (note to myself I do not have any real tools with me). But it was still not in running condition, so I askes if they checked the air-filter … after removing the air-filter the bike stared to come in running condition again! I left them happy and later stopping for a toilet stop I saw them passing while drive route 33 just before Nakhon Nayok.

    For no reasons at all I had the idea of staying overnight at Prachinburi city but as I did find nothing else as old Chinese hotels here I deceided to drive back home via route 319 and route 304 and route 311. Although it was already in the afternoon when I made that deceicsion. Maybe not suchs a good idea as at 18:00 I started to get dark and at 6:40 it was really dark and driving the last 70km in the dark on route 311 with open helmet-vizor was not very much fun.

    But well I made it home, the bike & I were dirty. Lesson learned? Yes a few. First of all I did sweat a lot with my leather jacket so I should drink more. Secondly it would be nice to have something to clean your helmet-vizor. And actually I should not drive at night. And I should learn to drive better (and faster) in the mountains.

    Chang Noi

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  2. Changnoi1
    Thanks for the post & report.
    Night riding is always a bigger challenge, but with good lights on your bike it should not be such a problem.
    What sort of helmet & dark visor do you have? Why not do away with he dark visor & wear sunglasses?

    I liked your picnic lunch at Namtok Chet Sao Noi with BBQ Pork with sticky rice. Isn't Thailand great for that - food everywhere. It makes touring here real easy.

    How's the Versys holding up? How many kms do you have on the bike now?
  3. The Versys is holding very well, it is the rider ... it is like with ships they are all seaworthy but it is the crew .....

    Although I am sometimes wondering if the fact that I lowerd the bike (WR Lowering kit, at the end a little bit more as in the front) has effected the riding of the bike.

    I wear a great (=super light) Bell helmet (bought here in LOS = bloody expensive) that came with 2 visor's, the dark/black one is great at day-time but a bit very dark at night (although it seems to be fashion here to wear sunglasses at night). Yes wearing sunglasses at day-time and do away with the dark visor would be the sollution. But ... I wear glasses anyway so then I have to buy me a paid of good sunglasses which will never a good as the dark visor.

    Yes the luch stops on the way are always great here in LOS (actually also in Laos and Cambodia although I never went (yet) on the bike there).

    Chang Noi

    BTW David .... you seem to know Kees from Bang Saray, right?

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