From Vietnam to Malaysia on motorbikes. Now we are in Laos.


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Mar 27, 2009
Me and my girlfriend we bought and registered two new Honda Wave 100cc in Vietnam. Our plan is to get to Malaysia. Now we are in Laos.

Motorbikes were bought from Honda in HCMC. It took us 10 days to make all paper work. Now we have:
1. Registration documents. (on Vietnamese citizen)
2. Selling agreement between him and me. Sealed by lawyer and local authority.
3. Officially sealed English translation of document I mentioned above.
4. Signed and sealed by officials copy of ID and home stay papers.
5. In case of problems signet permit for use and export.
6. TM2 and TM4 for Thailand.

The story:
We started in HCMC. After few days we arrived to Bo Y border crossing with Lao. Vietnam was easy. No problems at all. At Lao side they let us go but we said that we would like to cross Laos to get to Thailand, Malaysia and we would like to get any document that the bike are legally in Lao. We show them a copy of import documents we found on But they that they do not have such form. We asked for Temporary Import Permit - they said that it is for cars only. Finally after 3h of waiting they send us away to Attapau. The road from Bo Y to Attapau is beautiful, good condition, no traffic. We spend a night in the city and next morning we stared to visit diffident offices. We have been in 9 and always they send us away to another one. We found one very helpful official he was doing all job for us. We spend whole day do get any paper finally we have no single one.

Now we are traveling in Laos on Vietnamese motorbikes. We want to get to Thailand. We have documents I listed at the beginning of this post. Questions:
1. Do we need any other documents to leave legally Laos?
2. What border crossing is hassle free?

Best regards,
Marta and Bartek!


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Good to know you guys are on the road + reporting in.

I don't doubt that the Lao officials were unsure how to process your temporary bike import - you must be one of the first, if not first, foreigners through there on a bike.
When you leave you will probably get more a few more questions - where's your import papers - but you should be ok.

Then entering Thailand you will need to do complete
1. Temporary import
2. Immigration TM2 & TM4 (although they may not ask for it.)

Note that if you don't have a Thai visa already, you will only get a 2 week visa at the land border crossings.


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Mar 27, 2009

Thank you for info. I already bought a set of documents for Thai officials from So according what you say if there will be no problem with Lao customs we should cross the border.

Yesterday we have done on our small Hondas road 23 from Toumlan to Phin.
It was HARD :) Especially for my girlfriend. It took us about 11h. Many stream crossing , stones and other traps. I was using tad.ward GPS track. It was very accurate. Thanks!!!

More info with pictures I will try to put later.

Any body have information about road 28 condition ?
Or more details about road 23 (from Phin to Mahaxai)



Dec 28, 2005
will meet u in malaysia..pls let me know when u arrived malaysia..
will be dinner together bro.. cu..any problem to entre malaysia pls let me know.. c u bro hv nice and safety ride :D :arrow:


May 29, 2006
Gotta give you credit for doing that with:

1) a stepthrough
2) a girlfriend

Look forward to some pics etc.

Did you stay in Toumlan for the night?


Mar 2, 2006
Wow, I'm glad that u made it through with your gf on that Honda Wave 100.

it's a tough section i have to agree.... i fell a couple of times on this track when I was there 5 months ago. However, the home stay in the villages near Toumlan left me some memories for life.