Front and Rear Suspension Servicing - Ninja 250R

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  1. Hi Guys

    Does anyone know any experienced and competent mechanics that can service the Front and Rear Suspension on a 2011 Ninja 250R.

    I want to change the Spring’s, Fork Oil and Seals etc.
    • Hyperpro Progressive Front Fork Spring Kit.
    • Hyperpro Progressive Rear Shock Absorber Spring.
    But, I can’t find anyone here in Bangkok at the moment that I would trust working on something as critical as the Suspension on my bike.

    If I have to, I do not mind transporting the bike anywhere in Thailand to get it done properly.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. This is not right place for this post, move to technical or Kawasaki section.

    Any senior mechanic at any big Kawasaki dealership could do this with a full selection of tools. The only problem would be replacing stock fork damping valves with hi-flo moto-pro or racetech gold valving units but if it's only springs, oil & seals your changing.......easy
  3. Thanks,

    I am not sure how to move the thread so I will leave that up to the discretion of the Moderators

    I went to the Kawasaki Dealership near Prama 9 as they do all my normal servicing and repairs.

    They said they would not do any non-Kawasaki OEM work on the bike regardless.

    I also have a new EBC Kevlar Clutch and Spring Kit and they would also not install that as well.

    So I am looking for a good, competent motorcycle mechanic in Bangkok (or elsewhere) to do my major non OEM aftermarket mechanical work.

    I am not mechanically interested in working on the bike myself and I don’t even want to go purchase any garage or workshop tools to work on it.

    Apart from basic oil & filter, brake fluid flushes and some easy aftermarket parts like my Carbon Slip-On Exhaust and HEL Stainless Brake Lines etc…I just ride it and let the professionals work on it.


  4. Ok SD, i'll stand down from this thread & let someone from BKK chime in.

    BTW Kawasaki Phuket is way more relaxed about fitting aftermarket parts, that's why i suggested them.

    Good luck
  5. Either of the independent Kawasaki dealers in Bangkok can do this for you. Real Motorsport on Ramkamhaeng or Motoholic in Thonburi are the official Kawasaki big bike dealers for Bangkok.

    Kawasaki Rama 9 no longer sells bikes, but still does service and repairs, and you're correct that they do not touch non-Kawasaki parts. The independent dealers sell and install aftermarket parts.

    A word of caution- I've heard mixed reviews about the quality of work done at both of the dealers, so you might want to keep an eye on them while they're working on your bike to make sure everything is installed properly.

    I remember a story on this forum about a Kawasaki dealer that installed aftermarket springs up side down...

    Dirt Shop on Onnut does suspension work- they specialize in Ohlins.

    RIT Motorbike is a small shop off Ratchadapisek on Soi Nathong- they race Ninja 250Rs in the Kawasaki series and do good work. No english spoken however...

    You could also try AP Performance ( They specialize more in Kawasaki 650's but I'm sure they could sort a Ninja 250 or send it to someplace that can.

    Best of luck- let us know how it goes!

  6. Thanks Tony

    I will try RIT then Dirtshop first and see how I go.

    I was thinking of going back out to see Khun Pui as he has worked on my Ninja before and he had a mile of ER6N's/F's waiting to do work on.

    Cheers mate


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