front fairing for XJR 1300

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  1. For my last trip to Chiang Mai last weekend I installed as aftermarket windscreen but wasnt completely satisfied with it, i really had to lay down on my tank in order to avoid getting blown at high speeds

    when using a tank bag i think my current windscreen will be rendered useless

    i dont want something huge and unattractive but something practical and that suits the XJR ... i know its supposed to be a naked bike but its simply not practical for touring without a decent windscreen

    this is a photo of my current windscreen:




    any help would be appreciated
  2. FJ1200 and early FZ-6 fairings look good on the XJR if you are in Bangkok have a look out back in Red Baron. The colour code for your bike is under the seat if you want to get it colour matched. You can also get windscreens that bolt on to the handle bars have a wide selection but their shipping to Thailand is horrendous. US sites are also worth a look.
  3. cheers tubber

    i think the full fairing isnt that attractive, ive been starring at it for a while and im mixed on the look. i think ill keep looking to see if it grows on me

    thanx again

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