FS: 2003 BMW R1150GS - Fully Equipped and Tools

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    Thanks to those who expressed interest. After a full service here in BKK, she'll be going to her new home in Kalasin next week.


    am not in Thailand often enough these days to justify keeping my beautiful bike.

    I am the former owner of an HD show-bike and am a fanatic on detail. The bike looks as-new. Here is the basic information:

    2003 R1150GS - Black with black seat
    Includes all three BMW poly bags with BMW logo (two panniers, one tail trunk). Side bags have some minor scuffs that do not show when fresh Armor-All is applied. Also includes quick-release non-scuff tank bag from SW-Motech with rain cover.
    Approximately 38k kilometers, 20k of which have been done by me.
    Bike was bought new at Barcelona in BKK. I am the third farang owner - 1st a German, 2nd a Brit, and I am American. I bought it in, I think, 2007.
    Bike has been maintained to the nth degree by K. Yut of Dynamic Motors in Bangkok. Anything that does not work perfectly is replaced.
    To my knowledge, and by all appearances, bike has never been down. It has for sure never been down since I owned it.
    All papers/insurance are 100% in order and I have the green book in my name in pristine condition.
    The bike is presently at my country house in Chaiyaphum province - I am in the US and the sale cannot not be completed until I am back in Thailand, which will be sometime between June and September. I could adjust my travel to some degree to suit the convenience of a serious buyer.
    I have CDs and DVDs for all maintenance tasks, and soft copy maintenance manuals and parts lists.
    I have the TwinMax Throttle Body balance kit.
    Both headlight bulbs have been replaced with brighter bulbs.
    I have the electrical plug for powering devices from the engine, including a powered compressor for re-inflating tires.
    I have a full kit with supplies for repairing tubeless tire punctures.
    I have a very complete set of authentic Craftsman (USA) tools including torque wrenches, socket sets, Torx head drivers (including the elusive T27).

    This is a complete buy-and-ride touring package. The bike is gorgeous and attracts admiring hordes (biker and non-biker) whenever it stops. My adventures on it include a trip down from BKK through the South to Songkhla, Satun, Krabi, Phuket, Ranong and then to BKK. Also a trip through all 20 (at that time) provinces of Isaan. The bike has been driven by me into every changwat of Thailand except seven. I travel alone, and the only inconvenience I ever had was a flat tire.

    All of the above, plus probably some things I cannot remember because I'm writing from the US, are included in the package. Price is $12,000 US and must be paid by wire transfer to my US bank. The price is less than 400K Baht at current rates, and is a steal at that price. Lower offers will not be considered at this time.

    Do note that I am not presently in Thailand, and will have to work with a prospective buyer over the next couple of months to sort out the details of the transaction. If you are in a hurry, and willing to pay my $1500 back-and-forth weekend travel for the transaction, I would do that.

    You will find pictures of this bike and others, including both the HD show bike and the current stable of R1150RS, MG Centauro, RE C5 Chrome Bullet, and Triumph Thruxton at this link:


    If you are interested, please contact me by email:

    n o r m a n DOT s a n d e r s AT g m a i l DOT com

    Thanks and regards.

    (Note that this was corrected on 29 April - I mistakenly advertised the bike as an 1150RS - I do own an RS, but it is the *GS* that is for sale, as should be clear from the pix. Sorry.)

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