FS: Alpine Stars T-RC1 Air Flo Jacket Size M

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  1. I was out of the country for much of 2010, but I'm back and still have this jacket for sale. With the riding season just now starting, perhaps someone may be interested.


    Bought this jacket last year from the Dirt Shop in Bangkok.

    http://www.dirtshopthailand.com/product ... LPINESTARS

    It is the blue/white/black version illustrated in the above URL. Includes all original tags tags and inside cold-weather liner, plus the padding inserts.

    It was worn once. Size M, fits me perfectly, I am 5'8" and about 170 pounds. In some other brands I wear an L.

    Jacket is in BKK. I had a small discount, paid around 11,000 baht. Will sell to best offer. My email is: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email].

    It is comfortable and cool, well-suited for this climate.
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  3. Sandy sent you a PM.

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