FS BNIB Akuma Motorcycle Helmet (x2)

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  1. Hi, i have 2 Akuma Motorcycle Helmets for sale. Very nice helmets, and good price. Asking 7,000 Baht + free shipping in Thailand.

    You can read a reviews of them here:


    I have 1 UASF and 1 US Army. They are totally tricked out with LED's and everything. If you want to look like an Apache Attack Helicopter, this is for you...

    They are both XL. They were in my storage container from the US which just arrived, leftovers from a club event in Seattle.

    PM me or reply to this post for more info, here are some images.



  2. Interested in the Black one. Have sent you a PM. or maybe u can give me a call at 0818019530.

  3. One sold, 1 left, the Apache. Also, have three (3) extra visors for it. Very nice...

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