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  1. Just back from the US with a Kaoko Cruise Control throttle lock intended for BMW R1150GS or similar - check the web site for further information:


    I paid $120 (inclusive of shipping) for it and will sell it for the same price in either dollars or baht.

    I'm going to the US on Saturday and this will go with me for return if there's no local interest.

    Similar device from Wunderlich at Dirt Shop is around 4,700 baht so this is a good deal if you are looking for a throttle lock for an R-series BMW.

    It is in BKK - I will ship at your cost.

  2. I look at it and is it safe as it's "lock" the trottle and cant be reliced immediately like "real cruise controll what disconnet when brake pedal is touched...

    just a thought. :?:
  3. If it fits BMW HP2 1200GS I might be interested....
  4. I would say no, it's only as safe as the rider anticipates what is coming. It does not release automatically, like a "real cruise control". It has to be turned off by the action of the wrist. In that sense it is like the thumb-screw throttle locks that are provided on some bikes (though not the GS).
  5. I do not know. The Kit Number is CCF 100, and is stated to fit F800, R and K-Series. You should check with the manufacturer to be sure, I have no experience with the HP2.
  6. Thanks,

    Will do.......
  7. Muzz,

    I think the answer is "no", based on the information at this URL:


    Mine is the CCF 100. I don't know in what way it is different from the others, though...

  8. Similar to Muzz, I'm interested if it will fit R1200GS, I have the new 2008 bike with Factory hand guards fitted. I previously looked at the Wunderlich item, but there was something about a spacer needed if using together with the handguards? Any Idea?

  9. Craig:

    I think the answer is again "no", not suited for the 1200GS. If you check the above-referenced Kaoko web site, you will see that there is a separate kit for the 1200GS, and the photo of it looks different from mine. See for yourself, but I don't think so...
  10. Thanks, I think you're right. Good luck finding a buyer.

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